Raise + Deploy Digital Framework Audit ServicE

Improve Performance 

Our audit ensures your online fundraising activities are configured and operating correctly on all channels, generating the right conversions and data while linking with your CRM.

Attract new investors, talent, expand your intermediary and adviser networks or find new portfolio companies. Build and manage your data and contacts more effectively, attribute and measure your digital performance.


During a 2-3 hour meeting, we complete a 50+ question survey on your digital activities. We review your analytics, CMS, CRM and social channels, covering all aspects of planning, content, distribution and measurement of your digital activities.


We create a detailed report on your current setup and processes. This provides a performance score for each question and category.


We then provide recommendations and action points for each area. Some solutions will be simple, quick and free, others may require more time, investment and third party tools or integrations.

Fee: £3,000+ VAT